Addressing the claim that the US is behind the Hong Kong protests merely because of the pursuit of Democracy

Today’s post will be short and sweet. I’m saving the rest for other posts. I will be posting a “series” if you’d like to call it that, of posts addressing some of the claims that I have read online. They could be sourced from anywhere, mainly social media such as Reddit and Twitter.

Right, so as stated in the title, I have came across claims that the Hong Kong protest is sponsored by the US government in order to destabilize China through the implementation and through supporting democracy movements. And that the origin of the need to destabilize China was as a result of a fear of their rise in the world order, this is quite comparable to the US’s foreign policy towards Cuba, Congo and other communist countries during the Cold War. I understand the Chinese narrative that this is a Western-sponsored uprising to topple the Chinese regime but trust me, there’s a lot of other ways to do that than to start in Hong Kong.

However, the Hong Kong people are pursuing democracy because they genuinely want the democracy that they were unable to receive in 1958 after Zhou En Lai accused the British suggestion of the implementation of democracy in Hong Kong to be an act of hostility and that they would take “positive action” to reassert their sovereignty over the state (more on this in another post). It is not the Hong Kong people’s aim to destabilize the Chinese regime, all we’re asking of China is to respect our autonomy as laid out in the Hong Kong Constitution, more specifically, in Chapter 1 Article 2Chapter 6 Article 137 and Chapter 2 Article 12 of the Basic Law of Hong Kong and the Sino-British Joint Declaration that China signed in 1984. Of course, everybody is afraid of China becoming strong, they have shown no political or international maturity in their handling of a political crisis after the Tiananmen massacre of 1989, how could the world allow a unipolarity world order with an authoritarianism state as the top dog?

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  1. Savior699 says:

    I can understand why people would assume the U.S. is behind it. It is a tactic we have used in the past and starting in Hong Kong would work but isn’t the best way to do it so there is plausible deniability to it. On top of that, the current president has been quite vocal about something needing to be done about China. It may not be true, but you have to admit the theory is quite compelling and easy to latch on to.

    1. Yeo Ye Hang says:

      People believe precisely because it’s plausible. They don’t bother doing more research into the situation and they reassert their half assed research claims on other people. Trump is vocal on China but it’s ridiculous for him to do something to that extent. Plus, there’s so many other ways to destabilize China, doing it politically is just stupid.

      1. Savior699 says:

        Absolutely agreed. The best conspiracy theories are always plausable

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