Movie Review: Avengers: Infinity War

Oh man it’s been months since I’ve written here, anyways, hello hello! As you can see, I am not dead! (Trynna sneak some Marvel quotes in here because…y’know…..the title) Although IB did kind of beat me up a little bit and left me with little room to breath, I have successfully survived! I’m done with my final exams and all there’s left to do left is to wait till July 6th for my results! So I’m back with another post as I finally have time to write!

Anyways. Infinity War. Yep. One hell of a movie huh? There’s just so many things to talk about. Well. Let’s start with the moral dilemma that the movie provided us with, like….all of them. The first being Thanos’s dilemma. At first, Thanos seems like the clear antagonist but when you really think about it, is what he did really that bad? With our world facing an uncertain future as a result of shocking unsustainability, was what Thanos did really that bad? He reduced the population of all organic organisms by half to ensure that the universe will once again be able to sustain the populations. You could argue that the Avengers are being selfish, seeking to undo the snap to bring their friends back but what about the greater good?

Well the main moral contrast of the movie lies in Captain America and Thanos. Captain America representing the deontological perspectives that whether events are right or wrong should not be judged by their outcome but rather based on a set of rules and that no person should be “sacrificed for the greater good” unless all are prepared to be sacrificed. This is heavily reflected when Vision suggested destroying the mind stone along with himself for the “greater good” where Captain America argues that “we don’t trade lives”

Thanos on the other hand represents the utilitarianism perspective which argues that sacrifices must be made for the greater good. That the rightness or wrongness of an event should be judged on their consequences. And that’s exactly what Thanos achieved. Wiping out half of the universe to ensure sustainability of the universe. Well, that’s a great thing right? Well not in the eyes of Captain America, he insists that lives cannot be traded and that their friends must be brought back. Captain America in my opinion, has also been the moral compass for the Avengers and this is also evident in the comics especially in Civil War 2. But in this case, is Captain really right? Is Thanos really right? Is there really a clear line between right and wrong in this movie? Well I don’t think there is and this is something the movie leaves you to ponder on because it doesn’t really give a definite answer, although it seems to tip towards Captain’s direction as the end credits scene hints at Fury calling in Captain Marvel to assist the Avengers in avenging their fallen heroes.

However, throughout the movie, many characters seem to still tip towards a utilitarian perspective, although not at all supporting Thanos in any way, many offer to sacrifice themselves or show that they are willing to sacrifice someone else for the greater good. For exapmle, Vision sacrificing himself through the destruction of the mind stone (which failed because Scarlet Witch was extremely emotional), Doctor Strange proclaiming that he would not hesitate for a second to sacrifice Peter Parker or Tony Stark to protect the time stone. So with this overwhelmingly utilitarian perspective, is Captain really in the right? Well that’s only something we’ll find out in Avengers: Endgame

Whew that’s enough on the moral dilemma, let’s talk about other aspects of the movie. The movie itself was just so beautifully directed from witty and comedic dialogue with courtesy to Star Lord and Iron Man to act as a balance for it’s overwhelming emotional moments such as when Peter turned to dust (F in the chat for Peter) and many others. Fight scenes were also directed extremely well especially the Doctor Strange vs Thanos sequence.

Thanos vs Iron Man

And can we please take a few minutes to appreciate Thor’s entrance in infinity war when he joined the war at Wakanda?

I also extremely appreciated how everything just fit so well with each other, the movie managed to cover so many things with so little time and yet left very little gaps that is immediately noticeable to the movie goers such as the interactions between the Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor amongst others

I think that’s all I have to say about the movie, it left us with a moral dilemma to figure out at the end of the movie and probably still won’t be answered in the sequel because in this case, there really isn’t a right and wrong, it all depends on who’s side you’re standing on.


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